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All our professionals at Warren Family Dental maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in dentistry.

Robb A. Warren, DDS

I could sit here and type in my education background and list my accomplishments, and, yet, I don't think that will tell you about the real me. For those of you that would like to know, I earned my undergraduate degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and went on to earn my doctorate from the best dental school in the country, The Marquette University School of Dentistry. All my other fun groups and organizations are listed at the end. All of which I am proud to be a member, and, yet, that only tells you a little about who I am and why I should be your dentist.

What you need to know is that I love what I do! Think about all the great moments in your life, and I am willing to bet you will remember someone smiling at you, or maybe you can picture yourself beaming from ear to ear. When you smile you make someone's day. If we can give someone that gift, be compassionate, get them out of pain, save their smile and let their true self shine through, then we have been successful. If we can do that for you, then I am the one beaming from ear to ear! If a patient ever has a problem in my office, then tell me. If you have what almost all patients have, a positive experience, then please tell others.

I live to learn. I think my wife believes I am part squirrel as I hide dental journals all over the house for when I am ready to read them. As a team I encourage and expect my team to take continuing education courses. The moment we think we know everything it only proves we know nothing. I pride myself on keeping up-to-date on what we can do to enhance your care and consistently work with specialist to collaborate on what options might be best for you. It is about choices and options because, in the end, it is your oral health and your smile!

There are only two things I love more than being a dentist: God and my family. My faith is the center of my life. I believe God has given me a gift to be able to do what I do and love. And with that gift, I strongly believe in giving back to the community, which is why I help run the dental side of the Touched Twice Clinic and have a goal of donating not just money but the most valuable resources we all have: our knowledge and our time.

I could go on for pages about my loving family, but here is what you need to know: I love my wife, and I love my children. At times I am the biggest kid in the house, playing in the snow, jumping in the leaves or running through the sprinkler, and anyone who knows me will tell you the same. My wife, Erin, and I also enjoy our moments together whether it be a date night, a game night, helping out at our church or finding ways to get outside and enjoy what life has to offer. I encourage you to e-mail me if you have any questions, as that is why I am here. To help you find and maintain that beautiful smile and share the joy that comes with sharing a smile and bringing sunshine to someone's day.

Keep Smiling,


Yes, I do maintain active memberships with numerous prestigious professional organizations and as stated earlier I am proud of my role as a volunteer in all of them:


Alicia T. Malak, DDS

At a young age, I recognized my vocation to become a dentist to serve and take care of others. More than anything else, I truly enjoy taking the time to get to know each patient and to connect with them on a personal level. Not only do I try to be caring and gentle in my approach to dentistry, but I am also committed to the patient’s overall health and well-being. It’s not just your teeth I want to take care of, it is you, your smile, your oral health and your family. My attention to detail, as well as my compassion for listening to and taking care of patients, is one of my best strengths.

In addition to the commitment I have to patients at Warren Family Dental, I am committed to serving those less fortunate patients in need. Since 2012, I have volunteered for “Mission of Mercy” and “Give Kids a Smile” events (nationwide organizations that reach out to children and adults in need of dental care) as well as Touched Twice (the Madison local event for those in need). I have also participated in mission trips to rural Jamaica helping serve the poor and underprivileged by providing free dental care. My skills and knowledge are in constant growth by my commitment to learning as much as I can, and by taking as much CE (Continuing Education) as possible in order to be the best dentist I can be.

I grew up in Waterford, WI before attending Marquette University. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into Marquette University’s Pre-Dental Scholars program, which allowed me to graduate with an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences after only three years. I then continued to Marquette University School of Dentistry and graduated with my Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.

As much as I love my job, I love to have fun, too. My husband, Matthew, golden retriever, Lucy, and I love the outdoors. When not in the dental office, you can often find us hiking throughout the great state of Wisconsin and various National Parks, skiing snowy slopes, or cutting across the lakes on our slalom water skis. I also adore spending time with my family and friends.

I look forward to meeting you and building a lifelong and trusting relationship with you as your dentist!

Professional Affiliations:

  • ADA - American Dental Association
  • WDA - Wisconsin Dental Association
  • AGD- Academy of General Dentistry
  • GDDS - Greater Dane Dental Society
  • GMDA - Greater Milwaukee Dental Association
  • Madison Progressive Dental Forum
  • CDS- Chicago Dental Society

Cheri - Practice Administrator

Cheri began her career in dentistry in 1979 after graduating from MATC with a diploma in Dental Assisting. She worked as a dental assistant for 2 years and then decided to go back to MATC for Dental Hygiene. Cheri graduated from MATC in 1983 with an Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene. She worked as a dental hygienist for 25 years; always having a dream of someday earning her bachelor’s degree. Cheri graduated from the University of Phoenix Madison Campus in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management. Cheri worked at our office for over 15 years as a dental hygienist. Now Cheri enjoys using her clinical background and business background as the Practice Administrator. She enjoys helping patients achieve optimal dental health.

Cheri grew up on Lake Kegonsa in the Stoughton area and continues to live in the Stoughton area. Her favorite place to be is still on Lake Kegonsa; whether boating, floating on an air mattress, or just sitting by the shore. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends, her grown children Joshua and Nicole, going for walks, and riding her motorcycle.

Maribeth - Patient Services

Bio Coming Soon

Jenna - Insurance Services

Bio coming soon

Kristina - Dental Hygienist

Kristina likes being able to educate and take care of herpatients so they feel great about their teeth and smile. She enjoys working ina family practice because it allows her to interact with and get to know patientsof all ages. When she’s not working, you'll find Kristina spending time withher husband and twin boys. She also enjoys taking walks, gardening, playingvolleyball and going camping.

Kacie - Dental Hygienist

Bio Coming Soon

Nina - Dental Hygienist

Bio Coming Soon

Lisa - Dental Assistant

Lisa is a self-proclaimed people person who enjoys meetingpatients’ needs day-to-day. Her favorite part of working at Warren FamilyDental is that the team really gets to know the patients and their families.Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends,watching sports, and reading. When she has some alone time, she loves to shop!

Polly - Dental Assistant

What matters most to Polly is building a relationship withpatients and getting to know them. She also loves to be able to educate herpatients so they know what to expect and hopefully feel more at ease. Inaddition to being a dental assistant, Polly is a wife and mom of Andrew,Matthew, and Abigail. She is also anavid sports fan and enjoys playing volleyball with her husband and friends andspending time with her active family.

Brandi - Dental Assistant

Brandi’s favorite part of working at Dr. Warren’s office is interacting with her coworkers: “we have a happy and wonderful team here!” She also loves seeing the smiles on her patients’ faces knowing that she had a hand in creating them. Brandi loves spending time with her daughter Raena .Brandi also loves the outdoors, fishing, and boating in the summer, and snowmobiling in the winter.

Tammy - Dental Assistant

Tammy has been in the Dental field since 2002 and brings abroad range of experience to the team. Tammy is very passionate about helpingpeople, with her huge, compassionate heart and expanse of dental knowledge, shealso has the ability to make patients at ease during appointments with her calmchairside manner and kind demeanor. Tammy also has enjoyed learning andexpanding her dental knowledge at Warren Family Dental. When Tammy is not atthe office she loves spending time with her family.

Becky - Dental Assistant

Bio Coming Soon

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